River and Lake Summary
Issued by NWS Northern Indiana, IN
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000 FGUS53 KIWX 191532 RVDIWX OHC039-069-125-137-INC003-201532- DAILY RIVER AND LAKE SUMMARY NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE NORTHERN INDIANA 1032 AM EST THU JAN 19 2017 .B IWX 0119 DC011910 DH12/HG/DRD+1/HGIFF/DRD+2/HGIFF/ .B1 DRD+3/HGIFF/DRD+4/HGIFF/DRD+5/HGIFF :STATION FLD 7AM 24HR 7AM EST CREST :ID NAME STG STG CHG FORECASTS STG/TIME : Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue :Maumee River DEFO1 :Defiance 10: 8.29/:-0.38: 6.2/ 8.0/ 8.5/ 6.4/ 5.0: 8.8 Sun FTWI3 :Ft. Wayne 17: 12.33/:-1.58:10.6/14.5/13.2/11.4/10.1: 14.5 Sat :Ottawa River KALO1 :Kalida 19: 7.69/:-1.96: 6.4/10.1/ 8.8/ 7.3/ 6.3: M m :Blanchard River OTTO1 :Ottawa 23: 14.28/:1.48:11.7/14.2/15.4/11.9/ 9.3: M m .End All times are in Eastern Time. This statement will be updated in about 24 hours or sooner if necessary. These forecasts include observed and forecast rainfall through at least 24 hours. Some localized lowland and agricultural flooding along rivers may occur as levels approach flood stage. More widespread and life threatening flooding occurs as levels exceed flood stage. For the latest updates on river conditions, visit our web site at water.weather.gov/ahps2/index.php?wfo=IWX. $$

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