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White River (IN) at Edwardsport Stage (ft)Flow (kcfs)Observed: 12.4 ft at 1:00PM Mar 26, 2015Observed: 13.28 ft at 7:00PM Mar 26, 2015Observed: 14.25 ft at 1:00AM Mar 27, 2015Observed: 14.83 ft at 7:00AM Mar 27, 2015Observed: 15.08 ft at 1:00PM Mar 27, 2015Observed: 15.34 ft at 7:00PM Mar 27, 2015Observed: 15.5 ft at 1:00AM Mar 28, 2015Observed: 15.59 ft at 7:00AM Mar 28, 2015Observed: 15.38 ft at 1:00PM Mar 28, 2015Observed: 15.4 ft at 7:00PM Mar 28, 2015Highest Observation: 15.65 ft at 1:00AM Mar 29, 2015Observed: 15.57 ft at 7:00AM Mar 29, 2015Observed: 15.26 ft at 1:00PM Mar 29, 2015Observed: 15.17 ft at 7:00PM Mar 29, 2015Observed: 14.91 ft at 1:00AM Mar 30, 2015Observed: 14.66 ft at 7:00AM Mar 30, 2015Highest Forecast: 13.3 ft 8:00AM Mar 31, 2015Forecast: 13 ft 2:00PM Mar 31, 2015Forecast: 12.3 ft 8:00PM Mar 31, 2015Forecast: 11.8 ft 2:00AM Apr 01, 2015Forecast: 11.2 ft 8:00AM Apr 01, 2015Forecast: 10.8 ft 2:00PM Apr 01, 2015Forecast: 10.6 ft 8:00PM Apr 01, 2015Forecast: 10.5 ft 2:00AM Apr 02, 2015Forecast: 10.4 ft 8:00AM Apr 02, 2015Forecast: 10.2 ft 2:00PM Apr 02, 2015Forecast: 10 ft 8:00PM Apr 02, 2015Forecast: 9.9 ft 2:00AM Apr 03, 2015Forecast: 9.8 ft 8:00AM Apr 03, 2015Forecast: 9.7 ft 2:00PM Apr 03, 2015Forecast: 9.7 ft 8:00PM Apr 03, 2015Forecast: 9.6 ft 2:00AM Apr 04, 2015Forecast: 9.4 ft 8:00AM Apr 04, 2015Forecast: 9.3 ft 2:00PM Apr 04, 2015Forecast: 9.2 ft 8:00PM Apr 04, 2015Forecast: 9.1 ft 2:00AM Apr 05, 2015Forecast: 8.9 ft 8:00AM Apr 05, 2015Forecast: 8.8 ft 2:00PM Apr 05, 2015Forecast: 8.7 ft 8:00PM Apr 05, 2015Forecast: 8.6 ft 2:00AM Apr 06, 2015Forecast: 8.6 ft 8:00AM Apr 06, 2015Forecast: 8.5 ft 2:00PM Apr 06, 2015Forecast: 8.4 ft 8:00PM Apr 06, 2015Forecast: 8.3 ft 2:00AM Apr 07, 2015Forecast: 8.2 ft 8:00AM Apr 07, 2015Forecast: 8.1 ft 2:00PM Apr 07, 2015Forecast: 8 ft 8:00PM Apr 07, 2015Forecast: 7.9 ft 2:00AM Apr 08, 2015Forecast: 7.8 ft 8:00AM Apr 08, 2015Forecast: 7.7 ft 2:00PM Apr 08, 2015Forecast: 7.6 ft 8:00PM Apr 08, 2015Forecast: 7.5 ft 2:00AM Apr 09, 2015USGS--Water Resources of the United StatesFREI3(plotting HGIRZ) Graph Created (7:20AM Mar 31, 2015)ObservedForecast (issued 9:41AM Mar 30)Latest observed value: 14.66 ft at 7:00 AM EDT 30-Mar-2015. Flood Stage is 15 ft
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Reliability of the Forecast: Based on current and forecast river, weather and reservoir conditions

NOTE: Forecasts for the White River (IN) at Edwardsport are issued as needed during times of high water, but are not routinely available.

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Upstream Gauge - at Newberry Upstream Gauge Downstream Gauge Downstream Gauge - near Edwardsport
Flood Categories (in feet)
Major Flood Stage: 25
Moderate Flood Stage: 22
Flood Stage: 15
Action Stage: 12
Low Stage (in feet): 0

Historic Crests
(1) 29.40 ft on 06/10/2008
(2) 27.65 ft on 01/09/2005
(3) 26.90 ft on 11/19/1993
(4) 26.25 ft on 01/08/1950
(5) 26.15 ft on 01/03/1991
(6) 25.30 ft on 04/24/2013
(7) 25.20 ft on 05/17/2002
(8) 25.00 ft on 05/22/1943
(9) 24.60 ft on 01/27/1999
(10) 24.30 ft on 04/25/2011
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(P): Preliminary values subject to further review.

Recent Crests
(1) 20.11 ft on 03/16/2015
(2) 17.56 ft on 12/08/2014
(3) 23.04 ft on 04/09/2014
(4) 23.30 ft on 12/26/2013
(5) 25.30 ft on 04/24/2013
(6) 23.65 ft on 01/18/2013
(7) 24.30 ft on 04/25/2011
(8) 23.75 ft on 03/09/2011
(9) 20.35 ft on 06/29/2010
(10) 21.50 ft on 02/16/2009
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(P): Preliminary values subject to further review.

Low Water Records
(1) 2.20 ft on 01/01/1931
(2) 2.20 ft on 08/07/2012

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Latitude/Longitude Disclaimer: The gauge location shown in the above map is the approximate location based on the latitude/longitude coordinates provided to the NWS by the gauge owner.
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29.41 A failure of Levee Unit #8 near SR 358 may flood Plainville because the water can go under the railroad bridge. The failure in June 2008 affected 30 to 40 homes and swept away some river cabins and trailers. The flood waters were perilously close to topping the water wells for the city of Washington. SR 67 just south of Westphalia flooded as did a fair portion of Westphalia as a result of breaches in the McGinnis Levee.
29.4 Levee Unit # 8 failed about one mile downstream of Edwardsport. An area from CR 900 North...east to the Indiana Southern RR and south to US Highway 50 flooded in Daviess County. More than 20,000 acres flooded by various depths of water. At times flood waters had a great force. Old Edwardsport Power Plant extensively sandbagged. Old plant demolished in 2013. US Highway 50 downstream acts like a dam as water pours over it in two places. All of this and more happened June 2008 during the epic flood.
29.39 During the Great Flood of June 2008...the McGinnis Levee failed in at least two places about 2 to 2.5 miles south of Sandborn. Homes and businesses of 200 to 300 people were flooded to varying degrees in the Sandborn area and the town of Westphalia. SR 67, SR 58 and numerous county roads flooded. An electric substation being constructed by Hoosier Energy in August 2008 near the intersection of CR 875N and Parmeler Rd would at least be surrounded by water and may flood when a repeat flood occurs.
29.3 Levee Unit 8 failed at this level during the June 2008 flood. One failure was upstream of the Smothers Creek pumping station about one half of a mile. The breach was about 50 yards wide. The transformer of the pumping station also flooded. Downstream another breach occurred near Old Vincennes Road just west of the well field for the City of Washington. The breach blew a gaping hole in Old Vincennes Road and left huge deposits of sand. Flood waters came within 3 inches of the top of the water wells.
29 Near record flood elevation is in progress. Breaking of levees would cause a major flood. Highway and railroad bridges are in danger of washing away. Water reaches top Levee Unit 8...locally known as the Bennington and the McGinnis levees. These levees protect thousands of acres of farmland and the town Plainville. Bicknell Water Treatment Plant needs sandbagged because it was flooded durng June 2008.
27 Some evacuations are necessary in low areas of Edwardsport and Elnora. Water is at the top of levee protecting low areas of Elnora.
26 Many agricultural levees overflow. Evacuations are necessary in northeast Edwardsport. Officials closely monitor Levee Unit 8 . Many local roads are impassable. Rail traffic halts at Elnora. White River is over 2 miles wide at U.S. Highway 50.
25 An unusual and possibly serious flood is in progress. Evacuations required of those in river cabins and in northeast Edwardsport. Flood levels are at critical levels. All roads except US Highway 50 flood. Rail traffic halts near Elnora. Water level is at critical levels on levees. Local officials monitor levees.
24 Water is at critical stage for major agricultural levees. All roads are underwater in flood plain except U.S. Highway 50 flood. Evacuations are necessary from river cabins. All farmland on the unprotected sides of levees floods.
23.5 In March 2011...Daviess CR 150N...Washington Rd in Knox County...flooded around this level in Daviess County. Bottom Road in Knox County closed 2 days later at 23.75 feet on the Edwardsport gage. Numerous local roads in the river bottoms flooded in the Westphalia and Edwardsport area. Some residents use boats or hip waders to reach their residences.
23 State Road 58 near Elnora floods. Water reaches Critical stage for McGinnis levee. Some residents leave river cabins if flooding will be long.
22.9 A 25 foot section of Levee Unit 8 failed at this level on March 6 2011...flooding local roads behind the levee. Flooding not nearly as bad as June 2008 levee failure. Flooding was very close to one of the June 2008 failures.
20 Water is at Critical levels for makeshift levees. Most of bottomlands flood. Old Vincennes road and State Road 358 between Plainville and Edwardsport are impassable by several feet. High water surrounds river cabins. This type of flood occurs on average about once a year.
18.6 During June 2010 and March 2011 high water...INDOT closed SR 358 between SR 67 at Edwardsport to SR 57 at Plainville. SR 358 floods on the east side of the river between the levees.
18 Old Vincennes Road and State Road 358 in Daviess County and Schaefer Road in Knox County are impassable. High water affects agricultural bottomlands. During agricultural season this level is of concern to farmers on the unprotected areas along the river. High water affects river cabins.
17.5 Flooding closes Old Vincennes Road. High water crosses SR 358 on the Daviess County side just west of the levee. Flooding begins to affect higher bottomlands. Residential property of river cabins begins to flood.
16 Old Vincennes Road and residential property in this area begin to flood. Flooding of low agricultural fields occurs along portions of the river.
15 Flooding of low agricultural fields begin. Daviess CR 375 WN and North River Rd in Knox County located inside the levees are flooded.
12 Water at this level prevents some fields from draining.
(1) White River at Edwardsport
(2) US 50 near Maysville looking east. Courtesy of Jay Arms.
(3) Levee Unit 8 failing in Daviess County. Courtesy of Jay Arms
(4) Levee Unit 8 in Daviess County looking south. Courtesy of Jay Arms
(5) Levee break at south end of North Homestead Road
(6) View north from levee break at very south end of North Pahmeier Road.
(7) Pile of used sandbags at Westphalia.
(8) Repaired levee break just south of SR 358. This levee also overtopped in January 1991.
(9) Levee Break near Smothers Creek.
(10) CR 150 N near well fields for Washington.
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Latitude: 38.806667° N, Longitude: 87.246111° W, Horizontal Datum: NAD83/WGS84

River Stage
Reference Frame
Gauge Height Flood Stage Uses
NWS stage 0 ft 15 ft Interpreting hydrographs and NWS watch, warnings, and forecasts, and inundation maps
Vertical Datum Elevation
(gauge height = 0)
(gauge height = flood stage)
Elevation information source
NAVD88 Not Available Not Available Survey grade GPS equipment, FEMA flood plain maps, newer USGS topographic maps
NGVD 29 433.2 ft 448.2 ft Older USGS topographic maps, NGVD29 benchmarks
MSL Not Available Not Available Older USGS topographic maps, MSL benchmarks
Other Not Available Not Available  
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Current river trends availble at new site located on the SR 358 Bridge about one mile downstream of Edwardsport. Intermittent readings plotted when available.
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The National Weather Service prepares its forecasts and other services in collaboration with agencies like the US Geological Survey, US Bureau of Reclamation, US Army Corps of Engineers, Natural Resource Conservation Service, National Park Service, ALERT Users Group, Bureau of Indian Affairs, and many state and local emergency managers across the country. For details, please click here.
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