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Wabash River at Lafayette Stage (ft)Flow (kcfs)Observed: 16.55 ft at 6:15AM Jun 27, 2015Observed: 16.79 ft at 7:00AM Jun 27, 2015Observed: 17.08 ft at 8:00AM Jun 27, 2015Observed: 17.4 ft at 9:15AM Jun 27, 2015Observed: 17.57 ft at 10:00AM Jun 27, 2015Observed: 17.79 ft at 11:15AM Jun 27, 2015Observed: 18.14 ft at 12:15PM Jun 27, 2015Observed: 18.36 ft at 1:00PM Jun 27, 2015Observed: 18.74 ft at 2:15PM Jun 27, 2015Observed: 18.92 ft at 3:00PM Jun 27, 2015Observed: 19.1 ft at 4:00PM Jun 27, 2015Observed: 19.25 ft at 4:30PM Jun 27, 2015Observed: 19.84 ft at 6:15PM Jun 27, 2015Observed: 20.1 ft at 7:00PM Jun 27, 2015Observed: 20.84 ft at 10:15PM Jun 27, 2015Observed: 21.13 ft at 11:15PM Jun 27, 2015Observed: 21.27 ft at 12:00AM Jun 28, 2015Observed: 21.43 ft at 12:45AM Jun 28, 2015Observed: 21.68 ft at 2:15AM Jun 28, 2015Observed: 21.79 ft at 3:00AM Jun 28, 2015Observed: 21.91 ft at 4:00AM Jun 28, 2015Observed: 22.58 ft at 10:00AM Jun 28, 2015Observed: 22.66 ft at 11:00AM Jun 28, 2015Observed: 22.74 ft at 12:15PM Jun 28, 2015Observed: 22.76 ft at 1:00PM Jun 28, 2015Observed: 22.8 ft at 1:45PM Jun 28, 2015Observed: 22.86 ft at 3:15PM Jun 28, 2015Observed: 22.87 ft at 4:00PM Jun 28, 2015Observed: 22.87 ft at 5:15PM Jun 28, 2015Highest Observation: 22.9 ft at 6:00PM Jun 28, 2015Observed: 22.86 ft at 7:00PM Jun 28, 2015Highest Observation: 22.9 ft at 8:15PM Jun 28, 2015Observed: 22.88 ft at 9:00PM Jun 28, 2015Observed: 22.87 ft at 10:00PM Jun 28, 2015Observed: 22.84 ft at 11:15PM Jun 28, 2015Observed: 22.82 ft at 12:00AM Jun 29, 2015Observed: 22.8 ft at 1:15AM Jun 29, 2015Observed: 22.77 ft at 2:15AM Jun 29, 2015Observed: 22.74 ft at 3:00AM Jun 29, 2015Observed: 22.69 ft at 4:15AM Jun 29, 2015Observed: 22.65 ft at 5:15AM Jun 29, 2015Observed: 22.61 ft at 6:00AM Jun 29, 2015Observed: 22.52 ft at 7:15AM Jun 29, 2015Observed: 22.49 ft at 8:00AM Jun 29, 2015Observed: 22.41 ft at 9:00AM Jun 29, 2015Observed: 22.31 ft at 10:15AM Jun 29, 2015Observed: 22.25 ft at 11:00AM Jun 29, 2015Observed: 22.19 ft at 12:00PM Jun 29, 2015Observed: 22.07 ft at 1:15PM Jun 29, 2015Observed: 22.01 ft at 2:00PM Jun 29, 2015Observed: 21.92 ft at 3:15PM Jun 29, 2015Observed: 21.81 ft at 4:15PM Jun 29, 2015Observed: 21.72 ft at 5:00PM Jun 29, 2015Observed: 21.61 ft at 6:15PM Jun 29, 2015Observed: 21.59 ft at 6:30PM Jun 29, 2015Observed: 21.54 ft at 7:00PM Jun 29, 2015Observed: 21.44 ft at 8:00PM Jun 29, 2015Observed: 21.37 ft at 9:00PM Jun 29, 2015Observed: 21.27 ft at 10:00PM Jun 29, 2015Observed: 21.18 ft at 11:00PM Jun 29, 2015Observed: 21.07 ft at 12:15AM Jun 30, 2015Observed: 21.02 ft at 1:00AM Jun 30, 2015Observed: 20.95 ft at 2:15AM Jun 30, 2015Observed: 20.85 ft at 3:15AM Jun 30, 2015Observed: 20.81 ft at 4:00AM Jun 30, 2015Observed: 20.73 ft at 5:15AM Jun 30, 2015Observed: 20.68 ft at 6:00AM Jun 30, 2015Observed: 20.66 ft at 7:00AM Jun 30, 2015Observed: 20.61 ft at 8:15AM Jun 30, 2015Observed: 20.56 ft at 9:00AM Jun 30, 2015Observed: 20.51 ft at 10:00AM Jun 30, 2015Observed: 20.46 ft at 11:15AM Jun 30, 2015Observed: 20.43 ft at 12:00PM Jun 30, 2015Observed: 20.39 ft at 1:15PM Jun 30, 2015Observed: 20.38 ft at 2:15PM Jun 30, 2015Observed: 20.32 ft at 5:00PM Jun 30, 2015Observed: 20.31 ft at 6:15PM Jun 30, 2015Observed: 20.28 ft at 7:15PM Jun 30, 2015Observed: 20.27 ft at 8:00PM Jun 30, 2015Observed: 20.24 ft at 9:15PM Jun 30, 2015Observed: 20.23 ft at 10:15PM Jun 30, 2015Observed: 20.21 ft at 11:00PM Jun 30, 2015Observed: 20.19 ft at 12:15AM Jul 01, 2015Observed: 20.15 ft at 1:15AM Jul 01, 2015Observed: 20.14 ft at 2:00AM Jul 01, 2015Observed: 20.09 ft at 3:15AM Jul 01, 2015Observed: 20.06 ft at 4:00AM Jul 01, 2015Observed: 20.03 ft at 5:00AM Jul 01, 2015Observed: 19.98 ft at 6:00AM Jul 01, 2015Observed: 19.93 ft at 7:00AM Jul 01, 2015Observed: 19.88 ft at 8:15AM Jul 01, 2015Observed: 19.81 ft at 9:00AM Jul 01, 2015Observed: 19.76 ft at 10:00AM Jul 01, 2015Observed: 19.68 ft at 11:15AM Jul 01, 2015Observed: 19.61 ft at 12:15PM Jul 01, 2015Observed: 19.56 ft at 1:00PM Jul 01, 2015Observed: 19.46 ft at 2:15PM Jul 01, 2015Observed: 19.39 ft at 3:15PM Jul 01, 2015Observed: 19.33 ft at 4:00PM Jul 01, 2015Observed: 19.25 ft at 5:15PM Jul 01, 2015Observed: 19.19 ft at 6:00PM Jul 01, 2015Observed: 19.11 ft at 7:00PM Jul 01, 2015Observed: 19.02 ft at 8:15PM Jul 01, 2015Observed: 18.96 ft at 9:00PM Jul 01, 2015Observed: 18.89 ft at 10:00PM Jul 01, 2015Observed: 18.81 ft at 11:15PM Jul 01, 2015Observed: 18.75 ft at 12:00AM Jul 02, 2015Observed: 18.68 ft at 1:00AM Jul 02, 2015Observed: 18.6 ft at 2:15AM Jul 02, 2015Observed: 18.55 ft at 3:00AM Jul 02, 2015Observed: 18.49 ft at 4:15AM Jul 02, 2015Observed: 18.41 ft at 5:15AM Jul 02, 2015Highest Forecast: 18.8 ft 8:00AM Jul 02, 2015Forecast: 18.6 ft 2:00PM Jul 02, 2015Forecast: 18.3 ft 8:00PM Jul 02, 2015Forecast: 18 ft 2:00AM Jul 03, 2015Forecast: 17.6 ft 8:00AM Jul 03, 2015Forecast: 17.2 ft 2:00PM Jul 03, 2015Forecast: 16.8 ft 8:00PM Jul 03, 2015Forecast: 16.4 ft 2:00AM Jul 04, 2015Forecast: 16.1 ft 8:00AM Jul 04, 2015Forecast: 15.8 ft 2:00PM Jul 04, 2015Forecast: 15.4 ft 8:00PM Jul 04, 2015Forecast: 14.9 ft 2:00AM Jul 05, 2015Forecast: 14.4 ft 8:00AM Jul 05, 2015Forecast: 14 ft 2:00PM Jul 05, 2015Forecast: 13.7 ft 8:00PM Jul 05, 2015Forecast: 13.4 ft 2:00AM Jul 06, 2015Forecast: 13.1 ft 8:00AM Jul 06, 2015USGS--Water Resources of the United StatesLAFI3(plotting HGIR2) Graph Created (5:50AM Jul 2, 2015)ObservedForecast (issued 9:56AM Jul 1)Latest observed value: 18.41 ft at 5:15 AM EDT 2-Jul-2015. Flood Stage is 11 ft
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NOTE: The river stage displayed for the Wm Harrison Bridge site is almost a foot higher than the legacy Brown Street Bridge site during a moderate flood. Routine river stages for Brown Street Bridge site are currently unavailable. The Indianapolis office is addressing this issue and hopes to have a solution soon.

Reliability of the Forecast: Based on current and forecast river, weather and reservoir conditions

NOTE: Forecasts for the Wabash River at Lafayette are issued routinely year-round.

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Flood Categories (in feet)
Major Flood Stage: 25
Moderate Flood Stage: 20
Flood Stage: 11
Action Stage: 7
Low Flow (in KCFS): 0.868

Historic Crests
(1) 32.90 ft on 03/26/1913 (P)
(2) 31.10 ft on 02/17/1883 (P)
(3) 29.50 ft on 08/03/1875 (P)
(4) 28.47 ft on 05/19/1943 (P)
(5) 28.00 ft on 06/11/1858 (P)
(6) 28.00 ft on 08/05/1878 (P)
(7) 26.28 ft on 06/14/1958 (P)
(8) 25.61 ft on 04/20/2013 (P)
(9) 25.50 ft on 02/27/1936 (P)
(10) 25.35 ft on 01/06/1950 (P)
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(P): Preliminary values subject to further review.

Recent Crests
(1) 11.63 ft on 04/12/2015 (P)
(2) 14.71 ft on 03/13/2015 (P)
(3) 15.44 ft on 11/25/2014 (P)
(4) 20.04 ft on 04/05/2014 (P)
(5) 25.61 ft on 04/20/2013 (P)
(6) 15.92 ft on 01/14/2013 (P)
(7) 19.46 ft on 12/16/2011 (P)
(8) 21.73 ft on 04/29/2011
(9) 16.46 ft on 03/01/2011 (P)
(10) 19.17 ft on 06/23/2010
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(P): Preliminary values subject to further review.

Low Water Records
(1) 0.24 ft on 08/18/1901
(2) 0.30 ft on 09/26/1941
(3) 0.82 ft on 07/19/2012

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Latitude/Longitude Disclaimer: The gauge location shown in the above map is the approximate location based on the latitude/longitude coordinates provided to the NWS by the gauge owner.
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32.1 Massive flooding in progress affecting extensive commercial...residential and agricultural areas. Float of river monitoring equipment in well house approaching the shelf. Warning...river level may be incorrect. Get confirmation from March 1913 high water mark on RR Bridge over South River Road. Wire weight gage on Brown Street Bridge abutment likley inacessible. Note high water mark for historic reasons.
32 Water level approaches a record flood. Only US 231, Wm Henry Harrison Br and Sagamore Pky connect Lafayette and W. Lafayette. In W. Lafayette entire Levee Plaza and nearby business district are underwater. This includes the area south and west of State St along River Rd. Water is nearing the second floor in Williamsburg Apt. In Lafayette, water is several feet deep in commercial and industrial areas along Canal and Sycamore St. Flood waters are up to 4th St., less than 2 blocks for the courthouse.
30 Water level is approaching a record flood in Lafayette and West Lafayette. Levee Plaza and nearby businesses in West Lafayette is underwater. In Lafayette...water is up to 4th Street. Business and industry along Canal Street underwater. Large business area in West Lafayette flood, including Levee Plaza, lower levels of Hilton Garden Inn and Wabash Landing Apts. Water begins to flow over State and Brown Streets. Water is several feet deep in Williamsburg Apartments. In Lafayette, 1st Street floods.
28 Major flooding becomes a disaster. In West Lafayette, businesses in Levee Plaza and along State and Wood streets begin to flood. Flooding and possible evacuations in Williamsburg Apartments. West Lafayette Wastewater Treatment Plant floods. In Lafayette, industrial and commercial flooding expands along Canal and Sycamore Streets. Canal and Sycamore Streets are nearly impassable. Water is several feet deep in many rural areas of Tippecanoe County. Access to low areas is possible by boat.
26 Major flood worsens. This is the highest flood level since June 1958. Williamsburg Apartments and Levee Plaza begin to flood in West Lafayette. In Lafayette, business and industrial flooding begins along Canal and Sycamore Streets. Evacuation of mobile home residents along Burnett Creek possible. More residences along North River Rd...Barton Beach Area...Davis Ferry Area and Goldsberry Rd area south of Moots Creek flood. Some residents in rural areas of Foountain and Warren Counties begin to flood.
25.61 In April 2013...Wabash River reached its highest level since June 1958 after cresting a week before at 17 feet. The river had fallen to 13.5 feet when flooding rains returned. Maximum flow from Oakdale dam was slightly over 17,000 cfs...Logansport peaked at 15 feet...Deer Creek near Delphi slightly over 15 feet and Wildcat Creek at Eisenhower Road near 23 feet.
25.6 In April 2013...more than 100 homes were flooded in Tippecanoe County and more than 60 vehicles at the Williamsburg Apartments in West Lafayette according to EMA. Also, first responders performed numerous water rescues because some motorists disregarded road barricades.
25.59 In April 2013...most of the flood damage in Tippecanoe County from the Wabash River was along old SR 25 just north of Americus, Barton Beach Road and just north of Fort Quiotenion on South River Road.
25.01 In April 2013...75 to 100 homes affected near the river and 4 bulldings in the Williamsburg Apartment complex with flooding of 65 cars. North River Road closed at Robinson Street in West Lafayette. All approaches to Happy Hollow Road closed. Flooding through Tippecanoe County from various streams affected 30 county roads and 3 state roads.
25 Major flooding in progress in the Lafayette area. Residents of several homes evacuated during the floods of July 2003 and January 2005. Some local roads flooded by several feet. Tapawingo Park almost commpletely flooded. Local business in the Levee Plaza area and residents of Wabash Landing should monitor river closely if river continues to rise steadily at this level.
24 Near major flooding is in progress. Low commercial...industrial and residential areas of Lafayette and West Lafayette flood. This includes Levee Plaza Merchants...Williamsburg apartments and the wastewater plant in West Lafayette. Businesses along Canal Street and 5 to 6 homes in Sycamore Street area flood in Lafayette. Evacuations are necessary from residences along N River Rd...Barton Beach Rd area and Davis Ferry Rd area. N River Rd and SR 225 as well as several county roads are extensively flooded.
23.99 Near major flooding. Flood waters along N River Rd extends from just north of the Happy Hollow Rd intersection to near the Old Soldiers Home...a distance of nearly 2 miles. The eastern end of Catherwood Dr is now in the river. Some residents along N River the Davis Ferry Rd area and Barton Beach Rd area may leave. Low parking areas of Williamsburg Apt complex flood. CR 75 S west of CR 700 W floods. Fountain CR 500 E just north of Riverside and River Rd near Williamsport flood.
22 Extensive flooding is in progress. Flood waters blocks direct access to Wabash Valley Hospital. During agricultural season extensive crop damage occurs. Roads that flood include...N River Rd...SR 225 south of Battleground...Stair Road...Barton Beach Rd...Division Rd and CR 700 W at the Granville Bridge Public Access Site and CR 950 W. Pretty Prairie Rd near Moots Creek and lowest portion of Goldsberry Rd likely flood. Basement flooding along N River Road...N 9th Street and Barton Beach Rd begins.
21.85 In the immediate Lafayette area...N River Rd is flooded for more than a mile from just south of the Sagamore Pkwy overpass northward to just south of the Old Soldiers Home. This blocks direct access to the River Bend Hospital and the most direct route between downtown West Lafayette and Brookston. Flood waters are very near some residences along North River Road...Davis Ferry Rd area and Barton Beach Rd area.
21.84 Outside the Lafayette area...SR 225 south of Battleground...Stair Road...CR 700W...Division Road...CR 950W...lowest portion of Goldsberry Rd and Pretty Prairie Rd near Moots Creek are flooded. In Warren County...CR 350N at the Black Rock Preserve...Independence Rd east of Buffalo Hill Rd and Williamsport Rd are flooded with water at the edge of River Rd in the Williamsport area. In Fountain County water covers Williamsport Rd and is on the eastern portion of CR 500 E just north of Riverside.
21 Flood become more extensive and blocks access to River Bend Hospital by North River Road. Shamrock Park and the Municipal Golf Course are extensively flooded. Residents along North River Rd...Davis Ferry Rd area and Barton Beach Road area are impacted by flood waters. In Tippecanoe County Barton Beach Rd...SR 225...CR 950 W and portions of Division and CR 700 W are flooded near the river.
20 Extensive flooding increases. Flood waters begin to cover Stair Road located on the southeast side of the river just off SR 225 in NE Tippecanoe County. Low portions of Barton Beach Rd is flooded. Several river residences are nearly isolated by high water. River residences near Interstate 65 are affected by high water. River Road near River Bend Hospital floods. Local roads begin to flood in the Granville Bridge area. River residents become concerned.
19.01 On April 28, 2011 North River Road closed at this level. Flooding closed Barton Beach Road and surrounded 12 homes. Home in the North 9th Street area also affected. Wildcat Creek at Eisenhouer Rd was 15 feet and rising steadily.
19 Flooding covers SR 225 from just north of Stair Road to just south of the bridge over the Wabash River. Tippecanoe CR 950 W south CR 75 S is completely flooded from the Wabash Bottoms...Janssen Tract area to Warren CR 350 N in the Black Rock Perserve Area...a distance of nearly 1.5 miles. Four residences on high ground along CR 950 W can not access CR 950 W by land vehicles. Flood waters approaching North River Road... local roads in the Granville Bridge area and Barton Beach Road.
18 Extensive flooding covers many acres of agricultural land. Indiana 225 closed by high water. Granville Bridge Public Access Site flooded. Tippecanoe CR 950 W south of CR 75 S floods in several places from the Wabash Bottoms...Janssen Tract to Warren CR 350 N in the Black Rock Perserve Area...a distance of nearly 1.5 miles. High water affects Fort Ouiatenon area. All parks in the West Lafayette and Lafayette areas are flooded.
17 Lowland flooding in progress. Flood waters close SR 225 just south of the Wabash River near Battleground. Walking and bike trails in Tapawingo Park area are flooded. Warren CR 350 N in the Black Rock Preserve area flooded. Flood waters near Tippecanoe CR 950 W south of CR 75 S.
16 Lowland flooding is in progress. Flood waters near State Road 225 between Old Indiana 25 and Battleground. Warren CR 350 N near Black Rock Preserve and Tippecanoe CR 950 W in the Wabash Bottoms...Janssen Tract...may be impassable. Fort Ouiatenon grounds begins to flood. Flooding at the Grandville Public Access site.
15 Flood waters approaching Warren CR 350 N in the Black Rock Preserve Area. Williamsport Road in Fountain County may begin to flood. In late December 2008...the road flooded when the river crested at 17.2 feet on the Lafayette gage.
14 Lowland flooding is in progress. High water affects river cabins near North 9th Street. Low county roads are nearly impassable. Tapawingo Park in West Lafayette begins to flood.
12 High water affects a few low river cabins and county roads.
11 Flooding of low agricultural land begins in western part of Tippecanoe County.
(1) SR 225 Dec. 29, 2008. Turn Around...Don't Drown!
(2) SR 225 with no flood waters
(3) Upstream Left Bank at SR 225. River level 17.2 feet.
(4) Downstream Left Bank at SR 225. River level 17.2 feet.
(5) Downstream Left Bank at SR 225. River level 5.3 feet
(6) SR 225 March 11, 2009. River level 20.0 feet.
(7) South Bound State Route 43 near 22 feet.
(8) North Bound State Route 43 near 22 feet.
(9) Fort Quiatenon Area near 22 feet.
(10) Granville Public Access Area near 22 feet.
(11) Tippecanoe CR 950 West near 22 feet.
(12) Wabash River at low level and near 22 feet.
(13) Gage Site Then and Now.
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Latitude: 40.425278° N, Longitude: 86.896389° W, Horizontal Datum: NAD83/WGS84

River Stage
Reference Frame
Gauge Height Flood Stage Uses
NWS stage 0 ft 11 ft Interpreting hydrographs and NWS watch, warnings, and forecasts, and inundation maps
Vertical Datum Elevation
(gauge height = 0)
(gauge height = flood stage)
Elevation information source
NAVD88 Not Available Not Available Survey grade GPS equipment, FEMA flood plain maps, newer USGS topographic maps
NGVD 29 504.14 ft 515.14 ft Older USGS topographic maps, NGVD29 benchmarks
MSL Not Available Not Available Older USGS topographic maps, MSL benchmarks
Other Not Available Not Available  

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USGS Streamflow Duration Hydrographs Gage relocated upstream to the William Henry Harrison Bridge on May 30, 2014.
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