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Menominee River below Big Quinnesec Falls Dam Total Discharge (cfs)Observed: 8175 cfs at 6:10AM Oct 11, 2018Observed: 8160 cfs at 7:10AM Oct 11, 2018Observed: 10182 cfs at 8:10AM Oct 11, 2018Observed: 9985 cfs at 9:10AM Oct 11, 2018Observed: 10019 cfs at 10:10AM Oct 11, 2018Observed: 10184 cfs at 11:10AM Oct 11, 2018Observed: 10791 cfs at 12:10PM Oct 11, 2018Observed: 10835 cfs at 1:10PM Oct 11, 2018Observed: 11109 cfs at 2:10PM Oct 11, 2018Highest Observation: 11201 cfs at 3:10PM Oct 11, 2018Observed: 11188 cfs at 4:10PM Oct 11, 2018Observed: 11185 cfs at 5:10PM Oct 11, 2018Observed: 11180 cfs at 6:10PM Oct 11, 2018Observed: 11167 cfs at 7:10PM Oct 11, 2018Observed: 11163 cfs at 8:10PM Oct 11, 2018Observed: 11157 cfs at 9:10PM Oct 11, 2018Observed: 11140 cfs at 10:10PM Oct 11, 2018Observed: 11127 cfs at 11:10PM Oct 11, 2018Observed: 11133 cfs at 12:10AM Oct 12, 2018Observed: 11130 cfs at 1:10AM Oct 12, 2018Observed: 11106 cfs at 2:10AM Oct 12, 2018Observed: 11115 cfs at 3:10AM Oct 12, 2018Observed: 11107 cfs at 4:10AM Oct 12, 2018Observed: 11103 cfs at 5:10AM Oct 12, 2018Observed: 11097 cfs at 6:10AM Oct 12, 2018Observed: 11084 cfs at 7:10AM Oct 12, 2018Observed: 11080 cfs at 8:10AM Oct 12, 2018Observed: 11076 cfs at 9:10AM Oct 12, 2018Observed: 11057 cfs at 10:10AM Oct 12, 2018Observed: 11050 cfs at 11:10AM Oct 12, 2018Observed: 11023 cfs at 12:10PM Oct 12, 2018Observed: 11032 cfs at 1:10PM Oct 12, 2018Observed: 11010 cfs at 2:10PM Oct 12, 2018Observed: 10996 cfs at 3:10PM Oct 12, 2018Observed: 10994 cfs at 4:10PM Oct 12, 2018Observed: 10985 cfs at 5:10PM Oct 12, 2018Observed: 10964 cfs at 6:10PM Oct 12, 2018Observed: 10975 cfs at 7:10PM Oct 12, 2018Observed: 10977 cfs at 8:10PM Oct 12, 2018Observed: 10976 cfs at 9:10PM Oct 12, 2018Observed: 10949 cfs at 10:10PM Oct 12, 2018Observed: 10966 cfs at 11:10PM Oct 12, 2018Observed: 10956 cfs at 12:10AM Oct 13, 2018Observed: 10974 cfs at 1:10AM Oct 13, 2018Observed: 10959 cfs at 2:10AM Oct 13, 2018Observed: 10966 cfs at 3:10AM Oct 13, 2018Observed: 10975 cfs at 4:10AM Oct 13, 2018Observed: 10973 cfs at 5:10AM Oct 13, 2018Observed: 10975 cfs at 6:10AM Oct 13, 2018Observed: 10971 cfs at 7:10AM Oct 13, 2018Observed: 10955 cfs at 8:10AM Oct 13, 2018Observed: 10381 cfs at 9:10AM Oct 13, 2018Observed: 10410 cfs at 10:10AM Oct 13, 2018Observed: 9788 cfs at 11:10AM Oct 13, 2018Observed: 9412 cfs at 12:10PM Oct 13, 2018Observed: 9325 cfs at 1:10PM Oct 13, 2018Observed: 9109 cfs at 2:10PM Oct 13, 2018Observed: 8628 cfs at 3:10PM Oct 13, 2018Observed: 8676 cfs at 4:10PM Oct 13, 2018Observed: 8704 cfs at 5:10PM Oct 13, 2018Observed: 8719 cfs at 6:10PM Oct 13, 2018Observed: 8733 cfs at 7:10PM Oct 13, 2018Observed: 8743 cfs at 8:10PM Oct 13, 2018Observed: 8743 cfs at 9:10PM Oct 13, 2018Observed: 8731 cfs at 10:10PM Oct 13, 2018Observed: 8735 cfs at 11:10PM Oct 13, 2018Observed: 8740 cfs at 12:10AM Oct 14, 2018Observed: 8741 cfs at 1:10AM Oct 14, 2018Observed: 8742 cfs at 2:10AM Oct 14, 2018Observed: 8739 cfs at 3:10AM Oct 14, 2018Observed: 8745 cfs at 4:10AM Oct 14, 2018Observed: 8727 cfs at 5:10AM Oct 14, 2018Observed: 8739 cfs at 6:10AM Oct 14, 2018Observed: 8743 cfs at 7:10AM Oct 14, 2018Observed: 8738 cfs at 8:10AM Oct 14, 2018Observed: 8736 cfs at 9:10AM Oct 14, 2018Observed: 8731 cfs at 10:10AM Oct 14, 2018Observed: 8063 cfs at 11:10AM Oct 14, 2018Observed: 7843 cfs at 12:10PM Oct 14, 2018Observed: 7457 cfs at 1:10PM Oct 14, 2018Observed: 7449 cfs at 2:10PM Oct 14, 2018Observed: 7484 cfs at 3:10PM Oct 14, 2018Observed: 7849 cfs at 4:10PM Oct 14, 2018Observed: 7343 cfs at 5:10PM Oct 14, 2018Observed: 7366 cfs at 6:10PM Oct 14, 2018Observed: 7370 cfs at 7:10PM Oct 14, 2018Observed: 7382 cfs at 8:10PM Oct 14, 2018Observed: 7388 cfs at 9:10PM Oct 14, 2018Observed: 7387 cfs at 10:10PM Oct 14, 2018Observed: 7391 cfs at 11:10PM Oct 14, 2018Observed: 7398 cfs at 12:10AM Oct 15, 2018Observed: 7390 cfs at 1:10AM Oct 15, 2018Observed: 7383 cfs at 2:10AM Oct 15, 2018Observed: 7390 cfs at 3:10AM Oct 15, 2018Observed: 7388 cfs at 4:10AM Oct 15, 2018Observed: 7378 cfs at 5:10AM Oct 15, 2018Observed: 7360 cfs at 6:10AM Oct 15, 2018Observed: 7376 cfs at 7:10AM Oct 15, 2018Observed: 7369 cfs at 8:10AM Oct 15, 2018Observed: 7365 cfs at 9:10AM Oct 15, 2018Observed: 7351 cfs at 10:10AM Oct 15, 2018Observed: 7347 cfs at 11:10AM Oct 15, 2018Observed: 7341 cfs at 12:10PM Oct 15, 2018Observed: 7335 cfs at 1:10PM Oct 15, 2018Observed: 7337 cfs at 2:10PM Oct 15, 2018Observed: 7341 cfs at 3:10PM Oct 15, 2018Observed: 7338 cfs at 4:10PM Oct 15, 2018Observed: 7336 cfs at 5:10PM Oct 15, 2018Observed: 7336 cfs at 6:10PM Oct 15, 2018Observed: 7343 cfs at 7:10PM Oct 15, 2018Observed: 7340 cfs at 8:10PM Oct 15, 2018Observed: 7340 cfs at 9:10PM Oct 15, 2018Observed: 7343 cfs at 10:10PM Oct 15, 2018Observed: 7345 cfs at 11:10PM Oct 15, 2018Observed: 7337 cfs at 12:10AM Oct 16, 2018Observed: 7338 cfs at 1:10AM Oct 16, 2018Observed: 7340 cfs at 2:10AM Oct 16, 2018Observed: 7335 cfs at 3:10AM Oct 16, 2018Observed: 7342 cfs at 4:10AM Oct 16, 2018BGQW3(plotting QTIRP) Graph Created (5:19AM Oct 16, 2018)ObservedLatest observed value: 7342 cfs at 4:10 AM CDT 16-Oct-2018.
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Datum: Not Available
NOTE: Gauge reading affected by power generation.

NOTE: Graphical forecasts are not available for the Menominee River below Big Quinnesec Falls Dam. During times of high water, forecast crest information can be found in the text products.

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Flood Categories (in KCFS)
Major Flood Flow: 0
Moderate Flood Flow: 0
Flood Flow: 0
Action Flow: 5
Low Flow (in CFS): -9999

Historic Crests
Currently none available.

Recent Crests
Currently none available.

Low Water Records
Currently none available.
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Latitude/Longitude Disclaimer: The gauge location shown in the above map is the approximate location based on the latitude/longitude coordinates provided to the NWS by the gauge owner.
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10000 Flow is fast. Property owners should protect shoreline equipment
5000 While flooding is not expected...rivers flows are high or expected to increase. Recreational interests should monitor the river. Property owners adjacent to the river should consider protecting shoreline equipment including docks piers and boats
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Latitude: 45.787500° N, Longitude: 88.039722° W, Horizontal Datum: NAD83/WGS84

River Stage
Reference Frame
Gauge Height Flood Stage Uses
NWS flow Not Available Not Available Interpreting hydrographs and NWS watch, warnings, and forecasts, and inundation maps
Vertical Datum Elevation
(gauge height = 0)
(gauge height = flood stage)
Elevation information source
NAVD88 Not Available Not Available Survey grade GPS equipment, FEMA flood plain maps, newer USGS topographic maps
NGVD 29 Not Available Not Available Older USGS topographic maps, NGVD29 benchmarks
MSL Not Available Not Available Older USGS topographic maps, MSL benchmarks
Other Not Available Not Available  
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