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Web Portal Changes: The Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service (AHPS) hosted at will be replaced by the National Water Prediction Service (NWPS), with a target of March 2024. Existing AHPS content and features will be preserved and expanded within NWPS.

Experimental National Water Center Products: Flood Inundation Mapping services are now available for 10% of the U.S. population. Please visit for more information. The National Hydrologic Discussion, Area Hydrologic Discussion, Flood Hazard Outlook, and real-time geospatial services depicting River Forecast Center and National Water Model forecasts, continue to be accessible via the URL above, as described in the StoryMap here.

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East Fork White River near Bedford Stage (ft)Flow (kcfs)BFRI3(plotting HGIRZ) Graph Created (7:38AM Oct 2, 2023)Flood Stage is 20 ft
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Datum: NGVD29
NOTE: Gauge reading only in high-water situations.

NOTE: Stage measured manually and reported by river observer. No automated gauge on-site.

Reliability of the Forecast: Based on current and forecast river, weather and reservoir conditions

NOTE: Forecasts for the East Fork White River near Bedford are issued as needed during times of high water, but are not routinely available.

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Upstream Gauge - at Rivervale Upstream Gauge Downstream Gauge Downstream Gauge - at Williams
Flood Categories (in feet)
Major Flood Stage: 32
Moderate Flood Stage: 27
Flood Stage: 20
Action Stage: 13
Low Stage (in feet): -9999

Historic Crests
(1) 47.50 ft on 03/29/1913
(2) 37.20 ft on 01/24/1937
(3) 34.65 ft on 01/09/2005
(4) 34.60 ft on 05/11/1961
(5) 33.75 ft on 03/09/1945
(6) 33.08 ft on 01/08/1950
(7) 32.90 ft on 01/08/1949
(8) 32.90 ft on 01/25/1959
(9) 32.45 ft on 05/03/1996
(10) 32.30 ft on 03/13/1964
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(P): Preliminary values subject to further review.

Recent Crests
(1) 25.70 ft on 03/30/2023 (P)
(2) 21.80 ft on 03/05/2021 (P)
(3) 26.30 ft on 03/24/2020 (P)
(4) 28.60 ft on 06/22/2019
(5) 23.50 ft on 04/25/2019
(6) 29.00 ft on 02/12/2019
(7) 19.40 ft on 11/07/2018
(8) 18.50 ft on 09/15/2018
(9) 27.50 ft on 04/07/2018
(10) 28.60 ft on 02/28/2018
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(P): Preliminary values subject to further review.

Low Water Records
Currently none available.

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Latitude/Longitude Disclaimer: The gauge location shown in the above map is the approximate location based on the latitude/longitude coordinates provided to the NWS by the gauge owner.
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47.5 Approximate elevation of the March 1913 flood. Water is at the ceiling in the Bedford Boat Club. Unbelievable destruction in Lawrence County to residences, bridges and roads. This flood level may impact the Bedford Water Pumping Station. Bedford Wastewater Plant remains safe.
40 The greatest flood since March 1913. Although the number of people directly affected is small, they lose everything.
38 Flood waters begin to enter the Bedford Boat Club. Only the flood of March 1913 higher than this flood. Many rural areas suffer extensive flood damage.
36 A serious flood is in progress. Local bridges of county roads are threatened. Residents living in areas below the 1913 flood are threatened. At this level and higher, flood waters may impact the Bedford Water Pumping Station.
34 A major flood is in progress. Evacuation of more than 40 homes and 100 residents is necessary. River gage is difficult to reach. Bedford Boat Club is closed because of locally dangerous flood waters.
32.5 Flooding affects more than 40 homes and over 100 Lawrence County residents in the Fort Ritner, the Fort Ritner Museum, White River Cabins near Williams, low areas of East Oolitic and locally known Chase Riffle and Palestine.
32 High water begins to cover lower knolls. The Bedford Boat Club surrounded by high water. Water begins to cut off access to river gage. A number of rural homes flood.
31.5 Extensive backwater from East Fork White River flooding low areas of East Oolitic north of Bedford. Flooding of at least two homes just south of State Road 158 bridge. Numerous local roads flooded.
31.3 Local roads in the Bedford area along Salt Creek and Little Salt Creek flooded by 2 to 3 feet because of backwater from the East Fork White River during March 2008.
31 During March 2008 water over Stumphole Bottom Road at the bridge of the river on the left bank. Stumphole Bottom Road flooded extensively at the railroad underpass as one approached Williams. Backwater near Stumphole Road close to its junction with Twins Pond Road. Twins Pond Road floods during times of heavy rain, but not because of the river.
30.5 Vehicle access to Bedford Boat Club blocked by high water. Members must park on a hill and walk in.
30 Extensive flood of South I street in Bedford. Salt Creek extensively flooded from the Patton Hill road area to the river. At least 2 homes just south of State Road 158 bridge have water in or near them.
29 High water gradually affects higher ground. Thirty or so homes may have damage.
28.5 Estimated level at when roads along Salt Creek and Little Salt Creek in the Bedford area began to flood during March 2008 because of local runoff and backwater from the East Fork White River.
28 Backwater from Leatherwood Creek floods I street at the outskirts of Bedford. High water begins to affect some rural residents. Extensive backwater occurs along local streams.
27.9 During the March 2008 flood the following roads were reported closed in article by the Bedford Times published on March 26, 2008 assuming the interview took place on March 25: Peerless Road, Lawrenceport Tunnelton Road, Pumphouse Road, Indiana Stote Road 450, Stumphole Bridge Road, Mill Creek Road, Earl Road, Dillon Road, River Road and Rager Road.
26 In Lawrence County, only State Road 37/U.S. Highway 50 is open across the East Fork White River flood plain.
25.7 Water is at the horizontal handrail at the bottom of the steps at the Bedford Boat Club.
25 Extensive lowland flooding is in progress. Bedford boat club is accessed by boat only. Some local residents walk to their homes. Several roads are closed including SR 450 east of Williams and Stumphole Bridge Rd. in Western Lawrence County.
24 Limited parking at Bedford Boat Club. Flood waters cover much of the parking lot and are too deep to drive in.
23.7 During the Late March 2008 flood, the Bedford Times reported the following County Roads still flooded; River Road, entire road; Bartlettsville Road, by the bridge and in the bottoms; Judah-Logan Road, by the bridge; Logan Bottoms, the gravel part; Donica Church Road, between Logan Bottom and the hill; Peerless Road, by Mica Metals; Little Salt Creek Run; Stumphole Bridge Road near Indiana State Road 450; Huron-Williams Road; Lawrenceport Road; Rivervale Road and Earl Road.
23.5 Bedford Boat Club Parking Lot covered with water.
23 Almost all county roads are impassible in the East Fork White flood plain. State Road 37/U.S. Highway 50 is likely the only road open across flood plain in Lawrence County.
22.5 Water is near the center of the road at the first curve out of the Bedford Boat Club.
21.2 At this level during December 2013 backwater reached the tailwater of Lake Monroe as Salt Creek stopped falling. The crest of the river followed 2 days later and reached 27.6 feet at Bedford and caused Salt Creek to rise nearly 6 feet at the tailwater of Monroe Lake.
21.1 Water in the Bedford Boat Club Shoot House.
21 Lowland flooding along much of the East Fork White River in Lawrence County affecting several local river roads. The high campground locations at the Bedford Boat Club begin to flood.
20.65 Water is at the top corner of the Bedford Boat Club Shoot House near the base.
20 Water is over most local roads in the flood plain. Agricultural lands flood. Water covers Bedford Boat Club grounds, and the club calls for power to be shut off. Access to higher campground spots at the Bedford Boat Club are blocked by high water.
19.5 Water is at the bottom corner of the base of the Bedford Boat Club Shoot House.
17.25 Water covers the Shelter House Floor at the Bedford Boat Club.
17.05 Water begins to enter the Bedford Boat Club Shelter House. Campgrounds at Bedford Boat Club are flooded.
17 Water is at the edge of the Bedford Boat Club Shelter House. Lowest agricultural lands begin to flood. Some county roads may begin to flood. Lowest campground spots at the Bedford Boat Club begin to flood.
15 Blue Spring Caverns may have to cancel tours because of high water.
13.8 River Road at the Bedford Boat Club is covered by water.
10.5 Current is too swift for many boats at Bedford Boat Club.
(1) Fort Ritner. Comparison of floods. Courtsey of Lawrence Co. EMA.
(2) Fort Ritner Post Office March 14 2006. Yellow line is January 2005 flood. Courtsey of Lawrence Co. E
(3) March 15 2006 about 2 miles west of SR 37. Credit Ed Yess
(4) March 15 2006 Bedford WWTP area. Credit Ed Yess
(5) March 15 2006 Bedford WWTP area. River near 30.5 feet. Credit Ed Yess
(6) March 15 2006 Bedford WWTP area. Credit Ed Yess
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Latitude: 38.836111° N, Longitude: 86.521389° W, Horizontal Datum: Unknown

River Stage
Reference Frame
Gauge Height Flood Stage Uses
NWS stage 0 ft 20 ft Interpreting hydrographs and NWS watch, warnings, and forecasts, and inundation maps
Vertical Datum Elevation
(gauge height = 0)
(gauge height = flood stage)
Elevation information source
NAVD88 Not Available Not Available Survey grade GPS equipment, FEMA flood plain maps, newer USGS topographic maps
NGVD 29 469.2 ft 489.2 ft Older USGS topographic maps, NGVD29 benchmarks
MSL Not Available Not Available Older USGS topographic maps, MSL benchmarks
Other Not Available Not Available  
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Note: Use the official hydrograph at the top of this web page for river levels within the next 72 hours.

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Current river trends are available at the Rivervale site located upstream of the Bedford Boat Club Gage.
This river site is operated solely by the National Weather Service at Indianapolis.

Detailed stream discharges and gage heights as archived by the U.S. Geological Survey are not available. Much of the data that is available is displayed on this web page.

If you have questions please call the National Weather Service at 317–856–0360 or e–mail us at
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