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Mississippi River at Mhoon Landing Stage (ft)Observed: 20.32 ft at 12:00AM May 21, 2020Observed: 20.27 ft at 1:00AM May 21, 2020Observed: 20.31 ft at 2:00AM May 21, 2020Observed: 20.34 ft at 3:00AM May 21, 2020Observed: 20.41 ft at 4:00AM May 21, 2020Observed: 20.42 ft at 5:00AM May 21, 2020Observed: 20.55 ft at 6:00AM May 21, 2020Observed: 20.5 ft at 7:00AM May 21, 2020Observed: 20.57 ft at 8:00AM May 21, 2020Observed: 20.52 ft at 9:00AM May 21, 2020Observed: 20.54 ft at 10:00AM May 21, 2020Observed: 20.58 ft at 11:00AM May 21, 2020Observed: 20.64 ft at 12:00PM May 21, 2020Observed: 20.72 ft at 1:00PM May 21, 2020Observed: 20.73 ft at 2:00PM May 21, 2020Observed: 20.72 ft at 3:00PM May 21, 2020Observed: 20.84 ft at 5:00PM May 21, 2020Observed: 20.88 ft at 6:00PM May 21, 2020Observed: 20.94 ft at 7:00PM May 21, 2020Observed: 20.98 ft at 8:00PM May 21, 2020Observed: 21.07 ft at 9:00PM May 21, 2020Observed: 21.08 ft at 10:00PM May 21, 2020Observed: 21.2 ft at 11:00PM May 21, 2020Observed: 21.19 ft at 12:00AM May 22, 2020Observed: 21.25 ft at 1:00AM May 22, 2020Observed: 21.37 ft at 2:00AM May 22, 2020Observed: 21.41 ft at 3:00AM May 22, 2020Observed: 21.44 ft at 4:00AM May 22, 2020Observed: 21.52 ft at 5:00AM May 22, 2020Observed: 21.55 ft at 6:00AM May 22, 2020Observed: 21.62 ft at 7:00AM May 22, 2020Observed: 21.67 ft at 8:00AM May 22, 2020Observed: 21.72 ft at 9:00AM May 22, 2020Observed: 21.8 ft at 10:00AM May 22, 2020Observed: 21.89 ft at 11:00AM May 22, 2020Observed: 21.88 ft at 12:00PM May 22, 2020Observed: 21.94 ft at 1:00PM May 22, 2020Observed: 22 ft at 2:00PM May 22, 2020Observed: 22.06 ft at 3:00PM May 22, 2020Observed: 22.11 ft at 4:00PM May 22, 2020Observed: 22.15 ft at 5:00PM May 22, 2020Observed: 22.29 ft at 6:00PM May 22, 2020Observed: 22.33 ft at 7:00PM May 22, 2020Observed: 22.38 ft at 8:00PM May 22, 2020Observed: 22.41 ft at 9:00PM May 22, 2020Observed: 22.49 ft at 10:00PM May 22, 2020Observed: 22.51 ft at 11:00PM May 22, 2020Observed: 22.61 ft at 12:00AM May 23, 2020Observed: 22.7 ft at 1:00AM May 23, 2020Observed: 22.74 ft at 2:00AM May 23, 2020Observed: 22.8 ft at 3:00AM May 23, 2020Observed: 22.88 ft at 4:00AM May 23, 2020Observed: 22.91 ft at 5:00AM May 23, 2020Observed: 22.98 ft at 6:00AM May 23, 2020Observed: 23.06 ft at 7:00AM May 23, 2020Observed: 23.13 ft at 8:00AM May 23, 2020Observed: 23.17 ft at 9:00AM May 23, 2020Observed: 23.19 ft at 10:00AM May 23, 2020Observed: 23.24 ft at 11:00AM May 23, 2020Observed: 23.33 ft at 12:00PM May 23, 2020Observed: 23.35 ft at 1:00PM May 23, 2020Observed: 23.44 ft at 2:00PM May 23, 2020Observed: 23.48 ft at 3:00PM May 23, 2020Observed: 23.53 ft at 4:00PM May 23, 2020Observed: 23.63 ft at 5:00PM May 23, 2020Observed: 23.65 ft at 6:00PM May 23, 2020Observed: 23.72 ft at 7:00PM May 23, 2020Observed: 23.77 ft at 8:00PM May 23, 2020Observed: 23.84 ft at 9:00PM May 23, 2020Observed: 23.84 ft at 10:00PM May 23, 2020Observed: 23.97 ft at 11:00PM May 23, 2020Observed: 23.99 ft at 12:00AM May 24, 2020Observed: 24.06 ft at 1:00AM May 24, 2020Observed: 24.1 ft at 2:00AM May 24, 2020Observed: 24.15 ft at 3:00AM May 24, 2020Observed: 24.16 ft at 4:00AM May 24, 2020Observed: 24.21 ft at 5:00AM May 24, 2020Observed: 24.26 ft at 6:00AM May 24, 2020Observed: 24.32 ft at 7:00AM May 24, 2020Observed: 24.36 ft at 8:00AM May 24, 2020Observed: 24.39 ft at 9:00AM May 24, 2020Observed: 24.48 ft at 10:00AM May 24, 2020Observed: 24.49 ft at 11:00AM May 24, 2020Observed: 24.58 ft at 12:00PM May 24, 2020Observed: 24.62 ft at 1:00PM May 24, 2020Observed: 24.64 ft at 2:00PM May 24, 2020Observed: 24.65 ft at 3:00PM May 24, 2020Observed: 24.72 ft at 4:00PM May 24, 2020Observed: 24.77 ft at 5:00PM May 24, 2020Observed: 24.82 ft at 6:00PM May 24, 2020Observed: 24.89 ft at 7:00PM May 24, 2020Observed: 24.93 ft at 8:00PM May 24, 2020Observed: 25 ft at 9:00PM May 24, 2020Observed: 24.97 ft at 10:00PM May 24, 2020Observed: 25.03 ft at 11:00PM May 24, 2020Observed: 25.09 ft at 12:00AM May 25, 2020Observed: 25.13 ft at 1:00AM May 25, 2020Observed: 25.14 ft at 2:00AM May 25, 2020Observed: 25.26 ft at 3:00AM May 25, 2020Observed: 25.28 ft at 4:00AM May 25, 2020Observed: 25.36 ft at 5:00AM May 25, 2020Observed: 25.36 ft at 6:00AM May 25, 2020Observed: 25.35 ft at 7:00AM May 25, 2020Observed: 25.41 ft at 8:00AM May 25, 2020Observed: 25.45 ft at 9:00AM May 25, 2020Observed: 25.47 ft at 10:00AM May 25, 2020Observed: 25.53 ft at 11:00AM May 25, 2020Observed: 25.55 ft at 12:00PM May 25, 2020Observed: 25.63 ft at 1:00PM May 25, 2020Observed: 25.62 ft at 2:00PM May 25, 2020Observed: 25.67 ft at 3:00PM May 25, 2020Observed: 25.71 ft at 4:00PM May 25, 2020Observed: 25.76 ft at 5:00PM May 25, 2020Observed: 25.79 ft at 6:00PM May 25, 2020Observed: 25.81 ft at 7:00PM May 25, 2020Observed: 25.9 ft at 8:00PM May 25, 2020Observed: 25.9 ft at 9:00PM May 25, 2020Observed: 25.86 ft at 10:00PM May 25, 2020Observed: 25.96 ft at 11:00PM May 25, 2020Observed: 25.98 ft at 12:00AM May 26, 2020Observed: 26.07 ft at 1:00AM May 26, 2020Observed: 26.12 ft at 2:00AM May 26, 2020Observed: 26.1 ft at 3:00AM May 26, 2020Observed: 26.15 ft at 4:00AM May 26, 2020Observed: 26.17 ft at 5:00AM May 26, 2020Observed: 26.21 ft at 6:00AM May 26, 2020Observed: 26.31 ft at 7:00AM May 26, 2020Observed: 26.28 ft at 8:00AM May 26, 2020Observed: 26.3 ft at 9:00AM May 26, 2020Observed: 26.33 ft at 10:00AM May 26, 2020Observed: 26.35 ft at 11:00AM May 26, 2020Observed: 26.45 ft at 12:00PM May 26, 2020Observed: 26.38 ft at 1:00PM May 26, 2020Observed: 26.49 ft at 2:00PM May 26, 2020Observed: 26.55 ft at 3:00PM May 26, 2020Observed: 26.54 ft at 4:00PM May 26, 2020Observed: 26.55 ft at 5:00PM May 26, 2020Observed: 26.61 ft at 6:00PM May 26, 2020Observed: 26.6 ft at 7:00PM May 26, 2020Observed: 26.67 ft at 8:00PM May 26, 2020Observed: 26.73 ft at 9:00PM May 26, 2020Observed: 26.78 ft at 10:00PM May 26, 2020Observed: 26.79 ft at 11:00PM May 26, 2020Observed: 26.79 ft at 12:00AM May 27, 2020Observed: 26.86 ft at 1:00AM May 27, 2020Observed: 26.84 ft at 2:00AM May 27, 2020Observed: 26.89 ft at 3:00AM May 27, 2020Observed: 26.93 ft at 4:00AM May 27, 2020Observed: 26.99 ft at 5:00AM May 27, 2020Observed: 26.99 ft at 6:00AM May 27, 2020Observed: 27.04 ft at 7:00AM May 27, 2020Observed: 27.08 ft at 8:00AM May 27, 2020Observed: 27.04 ft at 9:00AM May 27, 2020Observed: 27.08 ft at 10:00AM May 27, 2020Observed: 27.04 ft at 11:00AM May 27, 2020Observed: 27.14 ft at 12:00PM May 27, 2020Observed: 27.21 ft at 1:00PM May 27, 2020Observed: 27.22 ft at 2:00PM May 27, 2020Observed: 27.22 ft at 3:00PM May 27, 2020Observed: 27.22 ft at 4:00PM May 27, 2020Observed: 27.29 ft at 5:00PM May 27, 2020Observed: 27.31 ft at 6:00PM May 27, 2020Observed: 27.33 ft at 7:00PM May 27, 2020Observed: 27.35 ft at 8:00PM May 27, 2020Observed: 27.36 ft at 9:00PM May 27, 2020Observed: 27.38 ft at 10:00PM May 27, 2020Observed: 27.41 ft at 11:00PM May 27, 2020Observed: 27.45 ft at 12:00AM May 28, 2020Observed: 27.45 ft at 1:00AM May 28, 2020Observed: 27.52 ft at 2:00AM May 28, 2020Observed: 27.53 ft at 3:00AM May 28, 2020Observed: 27.46 ft at 4:00AM May 28, 2020Observed: 27.6 ft at 6:00AM May 28, 2020Observed: 27.58 ft at 7:00AM May 28, 2020Observed: 27.63 ft at 8:00AM May 28, 2020Observed: 27.68 ft at 9:00AM May 28, 2020Observed: 27.67 ft at 10:00AM May 28, 2020Observed: 27.68 ft at 11:00AM May 28, 2020Observed: 27.69 ft at 12:00PM May 28, 2020Observed: 27.74 ft at 1:00PM May 28, 2020Observed: 27.71 ft at 2:00PM May 28, 2020Observed: 27.81 ft at 3:00PM May 28, 2020Observed: 27.82 ft at 4:00PM May 28, 2020Observed: 27.83 ft at 5:00PM May 28, 2020Observed: 27.86 ft at 6:00PM May 28, 2020Observed: 27.94 ft at 7:00PM May 28, 2020Observed: 27.9 ft at 8:00PM May 28, 2020Observed: 27.93 ft at 9:00PM May 28, 2020Observed: 27.92 ft at 10:00PM May 28, 2020Observed: 27.95 ft at 11:00PM May 28, 2020Observed: 28 ft at 12:00AM May 29, 2020Observed: 27.96 ft at 1:00AM May 29, 2020Observed: 27.96 ft at 2:00AM May 29, 2020Observed: 27.93 ft at 3:00AM May 29, 2020Observed: 28 ft at 4:00AM May 29, 2020Observed: 28.04 ft at 5:00AM May 29, 2020Observed: 28.07 ft at 6:00AM May 29, 2020Observed: 28.07 ft at 7:00AM May 29, 2020Observed: 28.1 ft at 8:00AM May 29, 2020Observed: 28.09 ft at 9:00AM May 29, 2020Observed: 28.12 ft at 10:00AM May 29, 2020Observed: 28.1 ft at 11:00AM May 29, 2020Observed: 28.19 ft at 12:00PM May 29, 2020Observed: 28.14 ft at 1:00PM May 29, 2020Observed: 28.12 ft at 2:00PM May 29, 2020Observed: 28.12 ft at 3:00PM May 29, 2020Observed: 28.11 ft at 4:00PM May 29, 2020Observed: 28.15 ft at 5:00PM May 29, 2020Observed: 28.22 ft at 6:00PM May 29, 2020Observed: 28.2 ft at 7:00PM May 29, 2020Highest Observation: 28.26 ft at 8:00PM May 29, 2020Observed: 28.24 ft at 9:00PM May 29, 2020Observed: 28.25 ft at 10:00PM May 29, 2020US Atmy Corps of EngineersMHOM6(plotting HGIRG) Graph Created (11:45PM May 29, 2020)ObservedLatest observed value: 28.25 ft at 10:00 PM CDT 29-May-2020. Flood Stage is 30 ft
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Datum: NGVD29
NOTE: Graphical forecasts are not available for the Mississippi River at Mhoon Landing. During times of high water, forecast crest information can be found in the text products.
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Flood Categories (in feet)
Major Flood Stage: 41
Moderate Flood Stage: 35
Flood Stage: 30
Action Stage: 0
Low Stage (in feet): -2

Historic Crests
(1) 53.20 ft on 02/10/1937
(2) 43.12 ft on 03/02/1939
(3) 42.00 ft on 02/22/1950
(4) 41.42 ft on 03/05/2019 (P)
(5) 41.00 ft on 05/09/1973
(6) 40.87 ft on 04/08/1945
(7) 40.50 ft on 04/08/1975
(8) 39.00 ft on 04/21/1938
(9) 38.97 ft on 06/06/1943
(10) 38.20 ft on 05/08/1940
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(P): Preliminary values subject to further review.

Recent Crests
(1) 41.42 ft on 03/05/2019 (P)
(2) 36.73 ft on 05/16/2017
(3) 12.80 ft on 01/15/1997
(4) 33.30 ft on 07/03/1996
(5) 26.20 ft on 05/19/1995
(6) 25.39 ft on 05/27/1981
(7) 35.90 ft on 04/04/1978
(8) 25.70 ft on 04/16/1977
(9) 26.50 ft on 03/01/1976
(10) 40.50 ft on 04/08/1975
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(P): Preliminary values subject to further review.

Low Water Records
Currently none available.
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Latitude/Longitude Disclaimer: The gauge location shown in the above map is the approximate location based on the latitude/longitude coordinates provided to the NWS by the gauge owner.
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41 In Mississippi, Lucky Lane is beginning to flood. Charlie's Camp is totally flooded.
40 In Mississippi, Peepers and Doris Streets are mostly flooded. Bluebird Trail is flooding. Nel-Win and Lakeview Camps are completely flooded. Fields at Ashley Point and Diamond Woods are covered.
39 In Mississippi, evacuation route from Tunica Riverpark is under water. Doris Lane is flooding atCarlie's Camp. Western part of Sherry Lane is almost under.
38 Water is beginning to go over Loggerhead Lane going into Bordeaux Camp. Drum Cove is flooding, and Buffalo Drive is mostly covered. South end of Ricky and Brown Roads are flooded along with the street going out of Nel-Win Camp. Tammy and Lloyd Roads are flooded. Bee Trail and Plum Road are going under water. The east part of Sherry Land is being covered, and Peters Island is almost completely inundated.
37 Much of Bourban Street is flooded. Grinner Drive is covered, and east end of Nel-Win Camp is going under water. Lots along Tammy Road are being covered. Garden Lane is flooding, and Carp Drive is being overtopped.
36 In Mississippi, water is going over Charlie Lane. Smokey Lane is being covered. Lots on east end of Deer Crossing are flooding, and water is over the north end of Sauger Lane.
35 In Mississippi, Charlie Lane is beginning to flood, and JT's Bait Shop is inundated. Margie Road and the north end of Bennie Lane are flooding. West End of Betty Lane is under water. House lots south of Doris Lane are going under water. Candy Loop is being covered. Fields inside the levee west of Hambrick road are flooded. Farmstead north of Blue point is flooding.
34 In Mississippi, boat launch parking lot at Charlies's Camp is covered. Cambell Road is partly flooded. Northeast end of Betty Land is going under watger. Part of Bourbon Street is flooded. Sp;oobill lane is going under water. Valley Lande is flooded in lakeview Camp. Road to houses south of Ship island is being covered.
33 In Mississippi, boat ramp at Charlies's Camp is flooded. Lots are beginning to go under water at Charlie's Camp and Nel-Win Camp. Riverbend road to Bordeaux Point from Charlie's Camp is flooding. Northeast evacuation road to house on the riverbank southwest of Mhoon Landing is flooded at the lowest spot. In Arkansas, camp on west side of midway Lake is totally covered. Farmstead just south of Arkansas County road 533 is flooding.
32 In Mississippi, Lake Road in Nel-Win Camp is flooding. Fields on Fox Island are flooding. In Arkansas, road from the levee to the sport shooting camp west of Harrah's Casino is covered.
31 In Mississippi, lots nearest Tunica Cutoff Lake in Lakeview are under water. South end of MhoonLanding Park is beginning to flood. In Arkansas, roads from the levee to Buck Island are under water.
30 Nel-Wyn Park at Tunica Lake begins to flood. Entrance road to Tunica River Park isflooded. Camp lots south of Flower Lake is flooding along with an extensive area of farmlandat Ashley Point across from Mhoon Landing. Camp at Midway, Arkansas is flooded.
29 In Mississippi, roads to hunting camps in the Buck Lake and Flower Lake areas are flooded. South evacuation toad from Bordeaux Island is flooded. In Arkansas, road to fields inside the levee south of Horseshoe Lake are covered.
28 In Mississippi, the river is touching the levee at many places near Mhoon Landing. Road to Stubb's Island is closed. Fields are flooding inside the levee west of Seabrook Road. Water has reached the outlot of McKinney Bayou Pumping Station.
27 South evacuation road from Whiskey and Bordeaux Islands is going under water. In Mississippi, roads to Bordeaux Point area are beginning to flood. Campsites on the south side of Flower lake are being covered. Parts of the road to Stubb's Island are flooded. In Arkansas, lowest access road to fields inside the Arkansas Levee south of Horseshoe Lake is flooded. Evacuation road from Peters Island is covered.
14 Sand pit on Buck Island in Arkansas is flooding. River is mainly within its banks.
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Latitude: 34.736390° N, Longitude: 90.448330° W, Horizontal Datum: NAD83/WGS84

River Stage
Reference Frame
Gauge Height Flood Stage Uses
NWS stage 0 ft 30 ft Interpreting hydrographs and NWS watch, warnings, and forecasts, and inundation maps
Vertical Datum Elevation
(gauge height = 0)
(gauge height = flood stage)
Elevation information source
NAVD88 Not Available Not Available Survey grade GPS equipment, FEMA flood plain maps, newer USGS topographic maps
NGVD 29 161.22 Not Available Older USGS topographic maps, NGVD29 benchmarks
MSL Not Available Not Available Older USGS topographic maps, MSL benchmarks
Other Not Available Not Available  
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