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This probabilistic forecast is issued by the Lower Mississippi River Forecast Center.
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Forecasts for the Mississippi River at Osceola are issued routinely year-round.
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Zoom Level:14
Flood Categories (in feet)
Major Flood Stage: 35
Moderate Flood Stage: 31
Flood Stage: 28
Action Stage: 24
Low Stage (in feet): 0

Historic Crests
(1) 50.90 ft on 02/07/1937
(2) 47.48 ft on 05/08/2011
(3) 45.80 ft on 04/24/1927
(4) 41.20 ft on 05/25/1929
(5) 41.05 ft on 02/20/1950
(6) 40.99 ft on 03/12/1997
(7) 40.90 ft on 04/06/1975
(8) 40.86 ft on 03/04/2019 (P)
(9) 40.60 ft on 04/17/1936
(10) 40.50 ft on 04/06/1945
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(P): Preliminary values subject to further review.

Recent Crests
(1) 40.86 ft on 03/04/2019 (P)
(2) 39.03 ft on 03/07/2018
(3) 35.94 ft on 05/13/2017
(4) 39.67 ft on 01/07/2016
(5) 32.29 ft on 07/11/2015
(6) 26.34 ft on 04/15/2014
(7) 34.22 ft on 05/11/2013
(8) 25.13 ft on 02/06/2012
(9) 47.48 ft on 05/08/2011
(10) 36.99 ft on 03/22/2011
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(P): Preliminary values subject to further review.

Low Water Records
(1) -10.30 ft on 07/11/1988
(2) -10.00 ft on 01/17/2001
(3) -9.76 ft on 08/13/2012
(4) -8.60 ft on 01/03/2000
(5) -8.08 ft on 10/26/1999
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Latitude/Longitude Disclaimer: The gauge location shown in the above map is the approximate location based on the latitude/longitude coordinates provided to the NWS by the gauge owner.
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50 All land east of the Arkansas Levee to the Tennessee Bluffs is under 10 to 25 feet of water.
49 Highway 87 is flooded just east of Fulton, Tennessee.
47 Farm headquarters near the intersection of Coon Valley and Herring Hill Roads, Tennessee is being flooded.
46 Water is very high on the Arkansas Levee. All homesteads along Crawford Road West in Tennessee are flooded.
45 Farmstead on Island 37, Tennessee is totally flooded.
44 In Tennessee, camp on Sunrise Towhead is almost all covered. All fields in the Barfield Point area are awash.
43 In Tennessee, all houses along Route 19 are awash. Camp on west side of Island 34 is completely flooded. Water has crept into buildings on the west side of Ballard Slough Road. Many sections of Herring Hill Road are now in deep water.
42 In Tennessee, the house at the south end of Outbounds Road is awash. Fields are flooding north of the Hatchie River east past Ft. Pillow State Prison. Herring Hill Road is flooding just north of the Shelby County Line.
41 In Tennessee, stilt house north of Fullen Landing is being flooded. Houses at the south end of Outbounds Road are flooding as is the homestead at the northeast end of Outbounds Road right on Open Lake. Most of Highway 19 is awash. Most all homesteads north of Fort Pillow are under water. Island 35 is essentially all covered. Bottomland south of Richardson's Landing is under water. In Arkansas, Sans Souci Road is flooding inside the levee. Terminal elevator at Osceola is flooding.
40 In Tennessee, Highway 19 is flooding near the bluff. Water is overflowing a house on Sunk Lake Road. Houses east of Outbounds Road and west of Conner Road are flooding. Houses all along Highway 19 are being covered. Centennial Island is completely flooded. In Arkansas, elevator at Osceola is flooding.
39 In Tennessee, Highway 19 is flooded at Conner Road cutting off evacuations west of that intersection. Crawford Road East is under water at places. Trailer settlement south of Coker Slough is covered. House on east end of Outbounds Road is flooding. Moore Farmstead is being covered. Houses on Cash Road are flooding. Hunting camp on Sunrise Towhead is beginning to flood. Farmstead on Sniper Island west of Herring Hill road is going under water. In Arkansas, farmstead at Tomato is under water.
38 In Tennessee, homesteads between Johnston Road and Sunk Lake Road on Highway 19 west are flooding. House at south end of Oscar Griggs Road is flooding. Ashport is flooding. Flooding is occurring near the north end of Sunk Lake Road. Settlement between Coker Slough and Highway 19 is flooded. Water is overflowing the farm headquarters just north of the Sunk Lake Road and Long Hole Road Junction.
37 In Tennessee, houses along west part of Grammer Road are flooding and evacuation is cut. The south end of Grainery Road is inundated. Homesteads along Highway 19 West just east of T. Rossinger Road are going under water. Shoaf Landing Road is flooding. Farmstead on Island 37 floods.
36 In Tennessee, farmstead sites around Keyes Point are flooding. All evacuation roads from Keyes Point and Golddust are flooded. Ashport and many home sites along Route 19 are flooding. Home sites south of Coker Slough are flooding. Home sites on the north side of Corona Lake are being covered. Home site on Brandywine Road is flooded. Coon Valley Road is going under water. In Arkansas, grain terminal sites at Osceola are being covered. All fields between Barfield Point and the Arkansas Levee are inundated.
35 In Tennessee, Highway 19 West is flooded at many places betweem Ashport and Goldust halting evcuations southwest of Ashport. Home sites on Henderson Shop Road are being covered. T. Rossinger Road is beginning to flood. Home sites between Crawford Road and Cold Creek are flooding. In Arkansas, terminal elevator on Sans Souci Road is being flooded.
34 In Tennessee, Highway 19 is flooding at Johnson Lake. Houses and farmsteads just west of the north end of T. Rossinger Road are beginning to flood. Oscar Griggs Road, Conner Road, and Long Hole Road are beginning to flood. Western sections of Grammer Road are beginning to flood, making evacuation from homesteads difficult.
33 In Tennessee, settlement on Crawford Road East north of Fort Pillow is beginning to flood. Jack Rabbit Road is flooded. West leg of Crutcher Lake Road is flooding and stopping evacuations. Most homesteads along Cold Creek Road are flooded. In Arkansas, Highway 120 is beginning to flood.
32 In Tennessee, Kirkpatrick and Snyder Bluff Roads are flooding. Backwater has reached the west leg of Crutcher Lake Road south of Keyes Point. Outbounds Road is covering up. South end of Jim Fullen Road is flooded. River water is covering parts of Ballard Slough Road and Ruleman Road. Fields and pastures west of Herring Hill road are inundated. West end of Corona Road begins to flood. In Arkansas, Sans Souci Road elevator floods.
31 In Tennessee, Nix road is flooded. Major sections of Four Mile Road are flooded. Snyder Bluff and northern Sam Taylor Roads are flooding. Sunk Lake Road is covered north of Bee Lake. Fields on Morgan Point are flooding.
30 In Tennessee, The Reach-Coker Slough hunting camp is flooded. Crawford Road West just north of the Fort Pillow Historic Area is going under water. Houses are flooding along Cold Creek Road. Four Mile Road is flooding and Champion Lake Road is being flooded by Hatchie River backwater. Sunk Lake Road is flooded north of Bee Lake. In Arkansas, Highway 120 is flooded between O'Donnell Bend and the levee, and barge loading has to stop at Osceola.
29 In Arkansas, water is going over the north side of Craighead Point. Pumphouse area for the power plant south of Osceola is flooded. In Tennessee, Lauderdale County Road 924 begins to flood, isolating a house on Island 34.
28 In Tennessee, the settlement south of Cold Creek Road down from Crawford Road is flooding. Crawford Road West is flooding. The Reach-Coker Slough hunting camp is flooding along Nix Road. Grammer Road is flooded at Jones Slough. Much of the Lauderdale south bottom is under water. Homesteads and camps on Cash Road are cutoff. Sections of Crane Road are cutoff on Island 35. In Arkansas, Mississippi County Road 903 north of O'Donnell Bend is flooded at places.
27 In Arkansas, high water interferes with grain barge loading at the terminal at Osceola. Backwater is touching most of the levee just north of Osceola on north past Mississippi County Arkansas Road 330 in the Barfield Point vicinity. Mississippi County Arkansas Road 430 is flooded across from Tellier Island. In Tennessee, Crutcher Lake Road is flooded north of Cold Creek. The Mississippi River is over its banks northeast of Open Lake. Backwater has reached Bee Lake.
26 In Tennessee, Crutcher Lake Road is flooding near Cold Creek. Cold creek is going over its south bank onto resort lots just east of Crutcher Lake Road. Water from the Lower Forked Deer River is backing into Open Lake. Cold Creek is now flowing south out of Open Lake. Jones Slough is about to back north over Grammer Road. Adams Slough has flooded Sam Taylor Road. Many sloughs are beginning to flood fields. Brandywine Camp begins to go under water.
25 In Tennessee, Cold creek has backed to near Sunk Lake Road. Fields and food plots south of Fulton are flooding. Fields west of John Tully State Wildlife Management Area are beginning to flood. In Arkansas, Mississippi County Roads inside the levee east of Luxora and south of Rosa are being flooded by Mill Bayou.
24 In Tennessee, fields are flooding west of the northwest tip of Cruther Lake. Mississippi County Arkansas Road 442 is flooded at Mill Bayou just inside the levee.
23 In Tennessee, Cold creek has backed to Long Hole Road. Cold Creek, the old Lower Fork of the Forked Deer River, and the old Middle Fork of the Forked Deer River are all flowing backwards. Pastures and fields are beginning to flood on Island 35.
22 In Tennessee, water has backed into the Lower Forked Deer River past Outbounds Road. Cold Creek has backed to Sunk Lake Road. The Mississippi River is about to go over its bank northwest of Open Lake. Adams Bayou is backed to Sam Taylor Road.
21 In Tennessee, pastures are beginning to flood on Centennial Island near Willow Lake.
20 In Tennessee, Cold Creek has backed to near Green Chapel Road.
19 In Tennessee, backwater has reached Cotton Slough north of Cold Creek and Jack Rabbit Road north of Fort Pillow State Prison.
18 In Tennessee, road to Brandywine Island is flooded just east of Brandywine Hunting Club Lodge.
17 The Missippi River is backing up Jones Slough in Tennessee.
16 In Tennessee, the Mississippi River has backed up Cold Creek all the way north to Old River Slough and northeast past the northern end of Sam Taylor Road.
15 In Tennessee, the Mississippi River is backing into The Chute and up Cold Creek to Jones Slough.

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