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This probabilistic forecast is issued by the Ohio River Forecast Center.
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About this graph
Forecasts for the White River (IN) at Anderson are issued as needed during times of high water, but are not routinely available.
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Upstream Gauge - at Muncie Upstream Gauge
Zoom Level:16
Flood Categories (in feet)
Major Flood Stage: 19
Moderate Flood Stage: 15
Flood Stage: 10
Action Stage: 7.8
Low Flow (in KCFS): 0.028

Historic Crests
(1) 23.60 ft on 03/25/1913
(2) 20.30 ft on 03/23/1904
(3) 19.96 ft on 06/14/1958
(4) 19.48 ft on 09/03/2003
(5) 19.41 ft on 04/21/1964
(6) 18.97 ft on 05/18/1943
(7) 18.86 ft on 01/22/1959
(8) 18.83 ft on 12/31/1990
(9) 18.82 ft on 12/23/2013
(10) 18.63 ft on 01/15/1937
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(P): Preliminary values subject to further review.

Recent Crests
(1) 10.74 ft on 07/18/2022 (P)
(2) 13.54 ft on 03/08/2022 (P)
(3) 13.16 ft on 10/26/2021 (P)
(4) 11.30 ft on 05/10/2021 (P)
(5) 10.62 ft on 03/20/2021 (P)
(6) 14.56 ft on 03/30/2020 (P)
(7) 11.39 ft on 02/11/2020 (P)
(8) 13.32 ft on 01/12/2020 (P)
(9) 10.04 ft on 07/11/2019
(10) 13.05 ft on 06/17/2019
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(P): Preliminary values subject to further review.

Low Water Records
Currently none available.
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Gauge LocationGauge Map Marker
Latitude/Longitude Disclaimer: The gauge location shown in the above map is the approximate location based on the latitude/longitude coordinates provided to the NWS by the gauge owner.
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25 Major power station is downtown Anderson is affected above 25 feet.
24 Record flood is in progress. Northeast and northwest portions of Anderson are under water. Water is several feet deep in residential, commercial, and municipal areas. SRs 109, 32, 9 and I-69 could be the only roads open over the White River. Many roads are impassable. Bridges may also be impassable or not safe for traffic.
23.99 Water nearing top of levee on right bank. Evacuations of the following areas in Anderson should have occurred: Park Place, Riverside Drive, Irondale, Alexandria Pike, Hollywood Estates, Phar-Mor Plaza area, Dewey Street Plant of Anderson Water Pollution Control, Moss Island Road, Rose Street, Hazlett Steet, West 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 6th, and 7th Streets, Henry Street and Sycamore Street.
20 Approximate 100 year flood level. Levee at Park Place may fail. Evacuations in Park Place, Irondale, and along Alexander Pike areas are required. Flooding begins of stores in Phar-Mor Plaza next to the White River near SR 9. Monitor all bridges over the White River.
19 Levee in Park Place begins to overtop. Flood waters begin to affect Hollywood Estates. Eighth Street is closed from the top of Eisenhower Bridge to Park Avenue. Main Street between 5th Street and Milton Avenue is closed.
18.5 Alexandria Pike between Cross Street and Lindberg Road is closed. This could be necessary at a lower level as it was in May 2002. Flood waters will seep through portions of the levee.
18 Major flood is in progress. Evacuations are necessary in Irondale, on Hazlett Street, West 1st, 2nd, 3rd Streets, and areas west of Alexandria Pike. Sandbagging is necessary to protect levee at Park Place as water is within six inches of the top of the levee. Athletic field extensively floods. Low area of parking lot in Phar-Mor Plaza at SR 9 and White River begins to flood.
17.5 City of Anderson notifies residents in/along the following areas to make preparations for evacuation: Park Place, Hollywood Estates, and Alexandria Pike. Cross Street is closed between Alexandria Pike and Crystal Street. This area could flood at a lower level as it did in May 2002. Floodwaters begin to fill Phar-Mor Plaza parking lot. Dewey Street Plant of Anderson Water Pollution Control is affected by floodwaters. Athletic Park begins to flood.
17 Grand Avenue between Broadway and Indiana Avenue is closed. Flood waters from Killbuck Creek and Aqua Gardens/Shadyside Lake will be near Alexandria Pike.
16 Residential, commercial, and municipal areas in northern Anderson flood. Water level is at critical stage for levee protecting Park Place.
15.75 Madison Avenue between Van Buskirk Road and Seeton Street is closed.
15 Flood waters enter Derby Downs near 2 N Madison Avenue. Flood waters approach W 1st Street and Henry Street, and the areas of Irondale and Riverside Drive. Sandbagging operations and voluntary evacuations should be in progress.
14 Extensive flooding of all city parks. The lowest areas of Irondale begin to flood. West 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and N Sycamore Streets flood in northern Anderson. Manhole at Athletic Park behind pool begins to overflow. Killbuck Creek overflows into Aqua Gardens/Shadyside Lake closing off walking paths around lakes.
13 Flood waters close Edgewood Park and Grand Avenue between Alexandria Pike and Broadway. If river is rising at this level, the City of Anderson notifies residents along Hazlett Street, near W 1st Street and Madison Avenue, near W 2nd Street and Sycamore Street, and along Riverside Drive to prepare for sandbagging operations and possible evacuations.
12 Flooding of Irondale Park, Madison Avenue Park, Mounds State Park, and low agricultural land begins. Grand Avenue east of Broadway Street Bridge is nearly impassable. City of Anderson closes off Edgewater Park.
11 Flood waters inundate Edgewater Park. Water approaches Grand Avenue east of Broadway Street Bridge.
10 Flooding of Edgewater Park just across from gage site begins. Some low farmland begins to flood. At least one low city street begins to flood.
9 Local parks begin to flood.
(1) White River at Anderson
(2) Upstream view of White R from Main St Br on Feb 14, 2011. Level 4.5 ft.
(3) Downstream view of White R from Main St Br on Feb 14, 2011. Level 4.5 ft.
(4) Upstream view of White R from Grand Ave Riverwalk on Feb 14, 2011. Level 4.5 ft.

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Note: Use the official hydrograph at the top of this web page for river levels within the next 72 hours.

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Total Precipitation at Anderson
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