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This probabilistic forecast is issued by the Ohio River Forecast Center.
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Forecasts for the East Fork White River near Seymour are issued routinely year-round.
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Upstream Gauge - at Columbus Upstream Gauge Downstream Gauge Downstream Gauge - at Rivervale
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Flood Categories (in feet)
Major Flood Stage: 19
Moderate Flood Stage: 17
Flood Stage: 12
Action Stage: 8
Low Flow (in KCFS): 0.172

Historic Crests
(1) 21.00 ft on 03/26/1913
(2) 20.91 ft on 06/08/2008
(3) 19.67 ft on 01/05/1949
(4) 19.53 ft on 07/15/2015
(5) 19.50 ft on 01/16/1937
(6) 19.40 ft on 01/06/2005
(7) 19.39 ft on 01/22/1959
(8) 19.31 ft on 08/06/2009
(9) 19.20 ft on 01/10/1930
(10) 19.14 ft on 11/17/1993
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(P): Preliminary values subject to further review.

Recent Crests
(1) 13.72 ft on 03/10/2024 (P)
(2) 12.99 ft on 01/29/2024 (P)
(3) 14.17 ft on 04/06/2023 (P)
(4) 18.16 ft on 03/26/2023 (P)
(5) 12.39 ft on 05/29/2022 (P)
(6) 13.10 ft on 04/15/2022 (P)
(7) 17.24 ft on 03/08/2022 (P)
(8) 15.58 ft on 01/03/2022 (P)
(9) 13.68 ft on 12/20/2021 (P)
(10) 17.60 ft on 07/18/2021 (P)
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(P): Preliminary values subject to further review.

Low Water Records
(1) 0.25 ft on 10/01/1954
(2) 2.07 ft on 09/19/2013
(3) 2.24 ft on 08/27/2012
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Latitude/Longitude Disclaimer: The gauge location shown in the above map is the approximate location based on the latitude/longitude coordinates provided to the NWS by the gauge owner.
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22 Record flooding is in progress. Residents of Little Acres evacuated. Cortland is completely surrounded by water. Flood waters invade Medora. Flooding of the west part of Brownstown begins. Flooding south of US 50 in southwest Seymour begins. Flood waters go over SR 11 south of I-65 exit 55 and closes SR 11 north of I-65.
21 Approaching record flood. Many evacuations are necessary in rural Jackson County and some are likely in Medora. Only roads passable across the flood plain are US 50, I-65 and SR 11. All railroads remain above high water, but possible damage to railroads. River cabins are destroyed. Great damage to rural county road system. Water is completely over any levees. State Road 56 floods. U.S. Highway 50 acts like a dam...water is higher on north side of road.
20.92 During June 2008 flood, water is up on the railroad embankment with the railroad tracks still a few feet above flood waters. Persons living west of Pine Street from Rockford to Seymour Airport are forced to evacuate and Coventry Subdivision flooded. Voluntary evacuations at Medora, Cortland and Vallonia. Water surrounds residences in Cortland. Flood waters a foot deep in the Medora Fire Station and water is in the Medora Bank. U.S. Highway 50 acted like a dam.
20.91 During June 2008 flood, flood waters covered SR 11 just east of I-65 and residents of Little Acres were evacuated. Evacuations also occurred on the northwest side of Seymour. Sandbagging occurred along Perry Street in Medora as flood waters crept into the business district of Medora.
19.7 Major flooding in progress. River is at highest level since June 2008. Numerous evacuations. Most local roads are extensively flooded.
19.4 Lower Rockford Road just south of Reddington Road is impassable at this level based local information.
19 A major flood is in progress. Evacuations may be necessary near Rockford, near Brownstown and at Shields Town. Shields Town is located about 6 miles west of Seymour and according to local residents is a collection of river cabins. At this level residents generally leave. Many roads are flooded, including Lower Rockford Road just south of Reddington Road. Seventy percent of the flood plain in Jackson County is underwater, an agricultural disaster during the growing season.
18.7 After the Great Flood of June 2008, SR 258 from Cortland to Seymour remained flooded. SR 235 east of Medora remained extensively flooded. Extensive flooding continued in Jackson County.
18.5 Nearing a major flood. CR 760 E is flooded north of the river gaging station. Water is 2 or more feet deep on portions of this road south of the gaging station. Numerous county roads and several state roads are also flooded. Local river residents watch the river as it rises above this level.
18.3 On April 23, 2011 Historic Rok-Sey roller staking rink at Rockford was sandbagged. This historic structure was flooded by 2 feet of water in June 2008 when the river approached 21 feet.
18.2 Flood waters begin to cross CR 760E near Seymour Water Plant just south of CR 725N. Extensive flooding and CR 760E flooded south of Seymour Water Plant. Many local roads are flooded.
18 Extensive flooding is in progress. More than 50 percent of the flood plain in Jackson County is underwater. Flood waters near the east edge of Medora. High water isolates wastewater treatment plant at Seymour. Many county roads that do not cross the river begin to flood. Many state and county roads are impassable by water. High water affects many rural residents, but only a few evacuations are necessary. Flood waters surround most river cabins.
17.5 Extensive agricultural flooding in progress. CR 850 S and SR 11 begin to flood in southern Bartholomew County. During August 2009, SR 11 closed between Southern Crossing and Bartholomew CR 550 S. Columbus gage height was 9 feet.
17.1 During June 2010, SR 258 east of Cortland was closed for the second time in 10 days.
17 Flooding becomes more extensive. Although this level is fairly frequent, many local and state roads flood. Seymour gravel pit begins to flood. Livestock and equipment must be relocated to higher ground. High water surrounds river residences near Rockford. CR 760 E south of river gaging station is impassable.
16.4 State Road 258 remained open after the river rebounded quickly to this level in June 2010. State Road 258 had been flooded a few days earlier after river crested at 17.9 feet.
16 Extensive lowland flooding affecting agricultural lands. Many county and state roads in flood plain become impassable by high water, including SR 235 East of Medora, SR 258 East of Cortland, CR 725 N and possibly SR 39 south of Tampico. High water affects county roads near Vallonia and Shields, Ewing Road near Brownstown, CR 525 N near Seymour wastewater treatment plant, Honeytown Road and possibly SR 250 east of Dudleytown and SR 256 west of Austin.
15.63 Jackson County Sheriff reported following roads closed when the river experienced a minor rise after the Great June 2008 flood: SR 235 east of Medora to Covered Bridge, CR 300N east of Honeytown to Shieldstown, CR 225W between CR 300N and Slab Road River Bridge, CR 410W from US 50 to Vallonia, Newford Road, west from Vehslage Road to the 5000 block east, CR 400E from Newford Road south to Shieldstown, CR 150 E from CR 3000N to CR 4000N, CR 100E from CR 3000N to CR 4000N and CR 700E by CR 800N.
15.62 Jackson County Sheriff additional roads closed: CR 25 N through Honeytown, Slab Road between the river and Ewing, Rockford Road near the skating rink, SR 235 from Medora to SR 135. All these closings found in the site published in Columbus, IN.
15.6 Jackson County Sheriff additional roads closed: CR 25 N through Honeytown, Slab Road between the river and Ewing, Rockford Road near the skating rink, SR 235 from Medora to SR 135. All these closings found in the site published in Columbus, IN.
15 Lowland agricultural flooding in progress. County Road 725 N near Rockford floods. Indiana 258 east of Cortland may flood. On December 8 2014 about an inch of water flowed over Reddington Street near the East Fork White River Bridge as the river crested.
14 Pasture lands, agricultural lands and several county and state roads begin to flood. High water isolates a few river cabins. State Road 235 east of Medora and county roads near Shields and Vallonia flood. Roads that begin to flood include SR 258 east of Cortland, CR 725 N just north of the gaging site and Ewing Road near Brownstown.
13.5 Lowland flood continues. County Road 700 E begins to flood.
12 Significant agricultural lands begins to flood. High water affects some local roads.
11.5 In southern Bartholomew County, CR 800 S begins to flood. Very low agricultural fields flood.
11 April 14 2009 NWS personnel find a few Jackson County roads extensively flooded during a storm damage investigation. These county roads were located south of SR 235 on both sides of the river in southwest Jackson county. High water signs were also up for SR 235.
10 Cypress Lake near SR 11 and I-65 begins to flood.
9 Lowest areas begin to flood in the Medora area near SR 235.
(1) Looking south along CR 760 E just west of Rockford AM June 8, 2008. River 20.8 feet and rising.
(2) Looking west towards river just west of Rockford June 8, 2008.
(3) Groundhog's Day 2010. West view from gage site. River Reading 6.0 feet.
(4) North View West of Brownstown intersection of SR 135 and US 50 March 15 2006. Credit Ed Yess.
(5) Northeast aerial view of Brownstown March 15 2006. Credit Ed Yess.
(6) Northwest View of US 50 area near gravel pit west of Brownstown March 15 2006. Credit Ed Yess.
(7) Area just north of Medora March 15 2006. Credit Ed Yess.
(8) Southwest aerial view of Medora March 15 2006. Credit Ed Yess.
(9) Medora March 15 2006. Extensively flooded Muscatatuck in background. Credit Ed Yess.
(10) North view of Sparksville Pike Road north of RR tracks 1-8-2005. Credit: Bedwells.
(11) Southeast view from Sparksville Pike Road south of RR tracks 1-8-2005. Credit: Bedwells.
(12) Southerly view from Sparksville Pike Road south of RR tracks 1-8-2005. Credit: Bedwells.
(13) Southwest view of Sparksville Pike Road south of RR tracks 1-8-2005. Credit: Bedwells.

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